Google Can Remove Search Results With Personal Details

If you no longer want certain personal information to be searchable on Google, you can request that it be removed from the search results. This is also possible if, for example, your address or telephone number is shared inappropriately.


Google’s search engine is a handy tool, but it can also be used to find people’s personal information. In the past, you could already have results with, for example, bank account numbers, credit card numbers or identification numbers (such as your national register number) removed. Just like images with your signature or personal medical information. That is now being expanded.

You can also have results with personal contact information removed, such as your telephone number, email address or physical address. In addition, the list of identifiable information is supplemented with confidential login details.

Google wants to prevent its search engine from being used for doxing, where personal data is collected and shared in bad faith, often to harass or intimidate the victim.

The requests do come with some limitations. For example, Google evaluates whether the removal does not hinder the availability of other information. For example, news articles will not be banned so quickly. Public data, including government websites or other official sources, is not removed from the search results. Google warns that the sites in question will continue to exist, but it will no longer link to them. If you want a search result removed, you can request it here.

A caveat is that for the removal of doxing content, there must also be explicit or implicit threats or calls for others to do so. This means that you can only request at the moment of the threat that must then be followed up. The question is to what extent it is already too late to prevent damage.

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