Golden Rules for Female Orgasm-According to Major Study

“Enjoyment seems to me the goal of life and the only thing useful to the world”. Unfortunately, on the physical side, not everyone is equal to orgasm. This is in any case the result of a study published on 17 February in the journal archives of sexual behavior in female orgasm, reports the Guardian.

Researchers asked about their sexuality to 52,000 people in a couple, Particularly on the frequency with which they reached the orgasm in their sexual intercourse. And if 95% of heterosexual men ascend to the seventh heaven at each report, this is the case for only 65% ​​of heterosexual or bisexual women. Similarly, 86% of homosexual women almost always reach orgasm and 89% of homosexual men (but only a few hundred people in these categories were interviewed).

According to researchers, women are most likely to have an orgasm if these three practices are present in their sexual intercourse: “languorous kisses, manual genital stimulation and oral sex”. If that sounds logical, it does not seem to be for everyone.

Major Rules Are As Follows:

Vaginal Sex Rarely Sufficient

“About 30% of men think that penetration is the best way for a woman to have an orgasm,” explains Guardian Elisabeth Lloyd, co-author of the study, adding that “this could not be more incorrect.”

Only 35% of heterosexual women report having an orgasm after only vaginal intercourse. Conversely, 80% (and 91% for lesbians) always have an orgasm after a combination of the three acts cited above.

Apart from this trio that seems very effective, other elements help a woman reach the seventh heaven, according to the results of the study. For example, women who have tested new positions, put on music or said “I love you” when they last report are 20% more likely to experience orgasm regularly. Note that all these things do not affect the orgasm of men.

The fact that relationships last longer, that the love relationship is satisfactory, to speak to the bed (or elsewhere) of these things also has a small but significant effect for heterosexual women.

Female Orgasm Always Mysterious

This study remains based on a declarative survey and it is difficult to say with certainty what is the magic formula. Difference between the probability of male and female orgasm may also be due to the fact that women would take longer to enjoy than men, or that men seek to reach orgasm more quickly.

It would also be interesting in the future to know if women who do not reach orgasm each time are satisfied with their sexual relations. In general, if behaviors can increase the proportion of orgasm, the notable difference between men and women could come both from socio-cultural causes and from evolution.

Many studies have indeed looked at the origin of the female orgasm. In our distant common ancestors, more than 75 million years ago, all mammalian females had ovulation caused by the male, and thus by orgasm. Then, the first rodents and primates evolved into cyclic ovulation, so that this orgasm, this release of hormone reflex, was no longer of biological interest. The sexual organs have therefore evolved (the clitoris for example moved away from the vagina).

“There is a lot of debate as to whether female orgasm can have other functions, such as promoting effective bonding, so we can not rule out that this evolution has resulted in other functions after the loss of Function of reproduction “.

While waiting for scientists to dig out their theories to find out what feminine orgasm really is, the two discovered golden rules may perhaps give a few couples a smile.

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