German Aluminum Producer Intervenes to Prevent High Energy Bills


The German aluminium producer Speira is reducing production because of the sharp rise in energy costs. For example, a factory in Neuss now only runs at half power.


Many European metal companies have had to intervene in production because they spend too much money on electricity and gas.

Speira will scale back production at its North Rhine-Westphalia plant from October. In November, the capacity must be 50 percent lower, at 70,000 tons of aluminium per year. However, the group, with 5000 employees worldwide, does not expect to have to lay off people due to the intervention.

Steel group ArcelorMittal recently announced that it would shut down two German factories because the energy bill was too high. The sharp rise in gas prices, a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is also forcing metal companies in the Netherlands to reduce or pause production.

Aluminium factory Aldel temporarily stopped production at the Delfzijl factory, and it was announced last week. Nyrstar decided to put its zinc smelter in Budel, North Brabant, on the pilot burner.

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