Gang Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl was Live on Facebook

A shocking gang rape case in the US, A girl of 15 years old from Chicago was raped by multiple perpetrators, while dozens of people watched on Facebook Live. Viewers did nothing to stop the rape.

No one who saw it happen called the police, writes USA Today. Only after the mother of the victim had received the images action was taken under eyes.

The mother confronted to the chief of the local police. Who was in a press conference on another subject at the show, when they showed pictures of the rape. The girl was still missing.

The police put more detectives on the case. They found the girl and took her to a hospital. The search for the perpetrators is still in full swing.

 Facebook has already responded through a statement. The social network speaks of “terrible crimes” and says this type of material does not allow.

 It is not the first case involving Facebook Live. In January, the rape of a Swedish woman was broadcast through Facebook. Chicago previously abused a disabled man, that was also broadcast live on the social network.

Facebook is working on technology that allows live streams to be monitored. Such an algorithm should be “nudity, violence and other things that do not fit ‘detection.

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