First Images and A Build of Windows 11 Leaked

Microsoft will unveil its next operating system for laptops, desktops and tablets on June 24. But exactly one week before the official presentation, the first screenshots are already on the street due to a leak. And there are quite a few things to deduce from that.


On the page of the live stream that Microsoft has in store on June 24, it was really only possible to deduce the name of the following operating system: the sunlight that enters through the window (read: window) casts a shadow in the shape of the number ’11’ on the floor. So Windows 11 is expected.

But suddenly, there are also the first (presumed) screenshots leaked via the Chinese social networking site Baidu. And a few hours later, an early build of Windows 11 was also circulating on the web, of which XDA Developers has meanwhile made a sneak preview.

The first observation is that the new operating system is very similar to Windows 10X. That OS was originally mainly intended for devices with multiple screens, but Microsoft pulled the plug on the project last month quite unexpectedly. Since the announcement of Windows 11, it’s clear why.

The Windows interface received a major makeover if the leaked information turns out to be correct: the start button and all shortcuts that were previously on the left of the start bar, move to the centre in Windows 11 (although you can slide them back to the left if you want).

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