Facebook Adjusts Work From Home Policy After Major Breakdown

Facebook has called on all employees to return to the office, in contrast to its previous decision to introduce the option to work from home permanently. The decision comes a few days after the major breakdown at the social media company.


According to Facebook, the breakdown would have had less of an impact if more employees had been present in the US offices.

Facebook will not allow everyone to work from home alone. Employees who want to work from home must now send an official application. Only those who receive approval can then work from home.

The major breakdown affected the various products within the technology company – in addition to Facebook, Instagram and messaging applications Messenger and Whatsapp – and affected the company itself. For example, badges were no longer usable, and employees could no longer enter offices or server rooms.

Employees at technology giant Google also have to request work from home. In addition, Amazon and Apple will bring more employees to the office starting next year.

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