Expert Travelers Advice for New Travelers

Is it going to happen soon this year? Are you going for the first time on a distant vacation? What things have you to take into account?

The ultimate list for the newly crowned world travelers!

1. Do not expect it same as at home.

2. Travel with your eyes open.

3. Be bold to learn new things.

4. Do not judge at first: “Always say: That’s interesting, can you tell me more about it?”

5. Learn the basics of local language. It is to break the best way to show respect to people on borders and to start a conversation.

6. Good manners are not bound by borders. Use them.

7. Do not cry. People are not deaf; they understand you are not alone.

8. Never complain when people do not speak English. Remember where you are.

9. Try to haggle. It is expected.

10. Do not overdo with haggling. Fifty cents may be nothing for you, but different for a local’s daily wages.

11. Respect local regulations. It is not how you want it, you’re a guest.

12. Events? Yes, Fine! But so extreme parties that can disturb the public and endanger people? No!

13. Leave a good impression of yourself and your home country behind, in the countries you visit.

14. Journey in a way that suits you. Your interests count. Ignore the opinions of others.

15. Begin as young as possible with travel, before it’s too late.

16. Do not listen to people, only you and your dreams to travel talk off.

17. Eat on the street. No, you will not, skip it.

18. Try as many different local dishes.

19. Don’t feel Uncomfortable. You must grow through it as a man.

20. Be flexible, it’s the best way to adapt yourself.

21. Ask for help if you need any. With hands and feet talking always works.

22. Carry cards with your standard questions. Convenient for vegetarians!

23. Do not be afraid – respectfully – to say No.

24. Talk to locals. Be friendly. You will be amazed to see results.

25. Immerse yourself in the local culture: food, public transport etc.

26. Laugh as much as you can. Laughter is the door to new encounters.

27. Do something every day that you do not really dare.

28. Meet other travelers. It feels like you’re on holiday with friends.

29. Enjoy like local holidays in whole the way.

30. Read basic information about religions. Not to convert yourself, but to understand others better.

31. Do not rely on technology.

32. Stay longer, if You move less.

33. Do not be afraid to take each day as it comes.

34. Defend your passport with your life.

35. Take out travel insurance!

36. Do not be discouraged by setbacks. Travel further and enjoy, keep enjoying!

37. Do not be ashamed to spend much money for a unique experience that will change your life forever.

38. If something really opposes you, then departure.

39. Be prepared for a culture shock when returning homeland …

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