European Commission Wants to Allocate 5 Million for Dismissed KLM Employees

The European Commission wants to allocate 5 million euros to help KLM staff who have been made redundant due to the corona crisis find a new job.


The money is intended to retrain 1,200 redundant workers or to help start their own business, the committee reports. She expects the cabinet to contribute € 3.4 million.

The EU countries and the European Parliament still have to agree to the plan. The committee wants to use the money from a fund for people who lose their jobs due to globalization because their employer moves to a cheaper foreign country, for example. The Netherlands had asked for support from that fund, the EGF.

With the EGF money, KLM employees who have lost their jobs can seek advice on where to get back to work. They can also attend job application training or be reimbursed for relocation expenses if they find a job far away. But the money could also be used to encourage employers to hire the laid-off workers, the committee reports.

Finland can also expect help. The day-to-day management of the EU wants to release 1.8 million euros for five hundred employees of the Finnair airline who have been made redundant.

“As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of passenger flights worldwide has fallen dramatically,” said European Commissioner Nicolas Schmitt. With the EGF money, “we show solidarity with the 1,700 former employees of KLM and Finnair”.

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