EU Ministers Challenge Hungary Over Law Against Gay Propaganda

A large number of EU countries want to address Hungary on Tuesday about a new anti-LGBTI law. According to Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Affairs) and her German, Belgian and Luxembourg colleagues, the law is unworthy of the EU, among others.


Information about homosexuality and gender surgery must be kept away from young people in Hungary since last week.

This not only affects education but can also mean that certain books and films cannot simply be published or broadcast. The law caused outrage across Europe and will also be discussed at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on Tuesday.

Kaag “of course calls on the Hungarian government to undo that legislation”, she said before the start of the consultation. Together with her Belgian and Luxembourg colleagues, she has drawn up a strong condemnation that they want to share with their colleagues.

Hungary and also its kindred neighbour Poland were already on the agenda of the foreign ministers. According to the European Commission, they are examining the rule of law in those two countries, which has deteriorated again.

“It is not going in the right direction,” said responsible European Commissioner Věra Jourová on arrival.

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