Elizabeth Warren Withdraws from Democratic Primaries

After Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren is now also withdrawing from the Democratic primaries in the United States. American media report this based on a source from its environment.


Mike Bloomberg (78) stepped out of the Democratic primaries yesterday. The former mayor of New York had failed to convince democratic voters that he was the best choice to defeat President Donald Trump.

Despite record spending – which he paid out of his pocket – of more than half a billion dollars. For example, he spent millions on an advertising film against President Donald Trump that was broadcast on television during the Super Bowl.

After the departure of Bloomberg, apart from Joe Biden, only left-wing senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders remained as serious challengers. Now that Warren is also stopping, Sanders is the only one left. Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, who is also still in the race, counts as entirely hopeless.

Bloomberg now supports Biden, he said. Whether Elizabeth Warren will do the same is not yet known. Joe Biden rose from political death the day before yesterday.

He won American primaries in a series of states on “Super Tuesday” and is now ahead of Bernie Sanders, the other primary Democratic presidential candidate.

Two other competitors from Sanders and Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar decided to leave the race earlier and to express their support for Biden. In this way, they try to prevent their mutual struggle, ensuring that their more radical opponent Sanders runs away with the win.

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