ECB President: Eurozone More Resistant to New Corona Wave

The eurozone is more resilient to the economic consequences of a new wave of corona infections or the new Omikron variant. But, that said, Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (ECB).


Several European countries have already taken measures due to the further increase in corona infections. In addition, the new virus variant Omikron, which was recently discovered, is appearing in more and more countries.

“There are clearly concerns about the eurozone’s economic recovery in 2022, but I believe we have learned a lot. We now know our enemy, and we know what measures to take,” Lagarde told Italian broadcaster RAI. “We are all better equipped to respond to a fifth wave or the Omikron variant risk.”

Lagarde made it clear that this virus knows no boundaries. “That’s why we won’t be protected until we’re all vaccinated,” said the Frenchwoman.

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