EasyJet will Cancel More Flights at Schiphol This Summer

Airline easyJet is going to cancel more flights at Schiphol because the number of flights from the airport must be reduced. Due to staff shortages, fewer travellers will be able to use Schiphol this summer.


EasyJet said last week it was still waiting for details, but is already cancelling extra flights.

For example, it wants to give customers more time to book an alternative flight with EasyJet. A spokeswoman expects the vast majority of passengers to be offered another flight within 24 hours of the already planned trip.

It is not yet known exactly how many and which flights will be cancelled. EasyJet previously assumed that in the summer quarter, until the end of September, it would make almost as many airline tickets available (97 percent) as in 2019 before the corona crisis. The airline has now adjusted that to 90 percent of that number.

The British low-cost carrier is one of the larger users of Schiphol. EasyJet is also cancelling flights at London’s Gatwick Airport, which suffers from the same problems as Schiphol.

The airline already reported a few weeks ago that several flights from Amsterdam to London Gatwick and London Luton had been proactively cancelled before the summer. That was also because of the large crowds at Schiphol. According to a spokeswoman, the current measure comes on top of those previous cancellations.

Schiphol announced last week that there will be an average of 13,500 seats too many in July if all planes are full. That is almost 17 percent of the number of seats that were planned per day on average. The airport slot coordinator then determines what this will mean for each airline.

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