Dropbox Rolls Out Password Manager and Secure Vault

Cloud storage company Dropbox has been offering its long-awaited password manager and ‘secure vault’ for sensitive documents since Wednesday.


Not to be cheered too quickly though: the new features are only available to users with a paid subscription.

The novelties of Dropbox were already announced on June 16, but have been in a (beta) testing phase so far. Now that the latest bugs have been resolved, the gadgets must be paid for in the form of a subscription.

With Dropbox Passwords, the cloud storage company offers a competitor to password managers such as LastPass and Dashlane. Passwords are stored in a central, secure place, automatically filled in when necessary and synchronized with all your computers and mobile devices.

Passwords are part of the Plus and Professional subscriptions for which you have to pay 9.99 euros and 16.58 euros per month respectively.

At least a Plus subscription is also required for the Dropbox Vault. The Vault is an extra protected piece of storage space for, for example, photos of your passport or driving license, medical files, legal documents, et cetera.

It is still possible to share these files with the people you trust. Use a pin code to unlock the safe.

The also new Computer Backup function is available to everyone free of charge. However, the storage capacity of the free Basic formula with 2 gigabytes is, of course, minimal if you want to back up large amounts of photos and videos.

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