Coronavirus Makes Doing Business With South Korea More Difficult

After China, South Korea is the “next concern child” when it comes to supply problems related to the coronavirus.


According to the Evofenedex business association, which represents thousands of companies in the Netherlands, the virus outbreak in the Asian country is causing delays in container handling.

Various South Korean factories are also standing still.

Some of the staff are currently in quarantine in the critical port of Busan, Evofenedex knows. As a result, the port has great difficulty handling all incoming and outgoing containers.

Evofenedex has heard from various companies that they are experiencing problems in South Korea. However, the organization does not dare to say how many companies are affected in total.

South Korea, where there are already many virus infections, and several people have died from the virus, is an essential supplier of semi-finished products for machines and electronics.

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