Considerably Fewer Daily Corona Deaths in Germany

The number of new corona deaths in Germany has been considerably lower in the past 24 hours than on Saturday.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM, reported 349 deaths on Sunday compared to 879 a day earlier.

In Germany, 51,870 people have died from the effects of Covid-19 since the coronavirus outbreak. At least 2,134,936 people were also infected with the virus. The RKI reported 12,257 new infections on Sunday, compared to 16,417 on Saturday.

That there is a decline around the weekend and then an increase in the number of cases as the week goes on is a typical pattern in Germany.

The authorities have declared a strict lockdown to prevent further spread, and border closures are not ruled out.

In Germany, catering establishments, cinemas, theatres and sports venues had to close in November. A month later, schools and non-essential stores also followed suit. Those restrictions will remain in effect until mid-February.

The Brazilian variant of the coronavirus was first diagnosed in Germany on Friday. A Hesse State official has said the infected person in question arrived in Frankfurt from Brazil on Thursday.

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