Computer Genius Alan Turing on New £ 50 Note

British mathematician Alan Turing is featured on the new £ 50 note proposed by the British central bank this week.


Turing (1912-1954) was a British mathematician and computer pioneer best known for deciphering the Enigma codes during World War II. They were used by German submarines. His work shortened the war’s duration, saving thousands of lives.

He also pioneered the development of the first computers. Considered the “Einstein of the mathematicians,” Turing was convicted of homosexual acts two years before his death, illegal in Britain until 1967.

He was sentenced to chemical castration.

In 2013 he was officially pardoned. So now he is being honoured on a £ 50 banknote, which will come into circulation on June 23. Yet there is also criticism of the new banknote: again, a woman has not been chosen.

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