CFA-What is Chartered Financial Analyst?

What is CFA?
CFA stands for chartered finance analyst. It is a degree program which is offered by CFA institute USA and is acceptable throughout the world. The successful candidate is awarded CFA charter and is known as CFA charter holder. It consists of 3 exams; CFA level 1, 2 and 3.

Anyone who has done a four year bachelors degree program and have a four year work experience is eligible to take this program. The syllabus covers investment studies, finance and accounting. The exams are very competitive and challenging and only talented and hard working students can pass them.

Why CFA?
According to a research analysis averages of 68% students fail in CFA exam. If you pass the exam this certifies that you are among 32% talented and hardworking students that are capable enough to get through. This is itself a matter of pride.

Moreover having a CFA degree is a proof that you have studied the quality content and are market experienced as having job experience is a pre-requisite of CFA.

When you are a “CFA charter holder”, there are 90% chances of your selection at world’s any reputable organization as CFA degree is recognized throughout the world.

CFA level 1 exams are the most easiest to pass through as they are just a warm up o the revision of the courses you already have been studying in bachelors. They are conducted twice in a year, in June and December. Mostly, students who pass CFA level 1 tend to study for level 2 and the rest leave the course.

So we can say that level 1 is the short listing level after which only serious candidates are left behind and pass percentage rises in level 2 exams.

So, if you are looking for your dream career, take CFA level 1 exam and put your knowledge and learning skills to test. May be you are capable enough to stand among those 32% shortlisted students. Good luck.

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