Car Maker Stellantis will Connect Cars via Amazon Servers

Automaker Stellantis partners with e-commerce giant Amazon. To connect its vehicles to the Internet, Stellantis will use Amazon’s server service, AWS, and Alexa, its virtual assistant.


Stellantis is the merger formed at the beginning of last year between Fiat Chrysler and PSA, known from Peugeot and Citroën, among others. Together with Amazon, Stellantis plans to develop the software for its smart cockpit. This cockpit will be built into the cars of the fourteen Stellantis brands from 2024.

Other car manufacturers have already entered into similar partnerships. For example, Ford already announced at the beginning of last year that it would collaborate with Google. Renault has also entered into a partnership with that tech giant. Microsoft, for its part, has partnerships with Volkswagen and GM.

Amazon also announced this week that it would purchase electric vans from Stellantis to deliver parcels. That news negatively impacted Rivian’s stock price on Wall Street (down 11 percent). Amazon has a stake in this maker of electric vans and pickup trucks, but investors are clearly concerned about what the Stellaantis deal will mean in the future.

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