Buying a Mattress? Ask These Questions First

Buying a mattress can be a complicated affair. Not only do you have to make sense of the different construction technologies and materials but also issues like firmness, comfort, and price points. The selection of mattress assumes great importance because on an average not only do we spend about a third of our lives on it but also getting it wrong has lots of impact on our physical and mental health. Some important questions that you need to ask before you actually put down your money for a mattress:

What Is the Size of the Mattress I Should Buy?
The issue of the mattress size is critical as you need to have enough space to sleep comfortably. The length should enable you to stretch out comfortably and be wide enough for you and your partner. Ideally, you should pick a mattress that is 4-6 inches longer than you or your partner, whoever is taller, and it should allow enough space for both of you to sleep comfortably. Invariably, you will also have to pick a mattress that fits on a bed that sized right for your bedroom; too large a bed may hinder movement in the room and not allow essential furniture to be kept inside.

Which Type of Mattress Should I Buy?
Innerspring mattresses that have many steel springs inside to give support are the most popular because of their cost advantage. However, over time, the performance decreases due to the springs getting compressed. There are a number of variants of foam mattresses; polyurethane, memory foam, and latex being some of the more popular. Each of them offers a different support level and performance characteristics as well as price points. Memory foam mattresses especially have become extremely popular as they conform to the body shape to give better support and also don’t transfer motion, which means two people sleeping together don’t end up disturbing each other. Sleep Serpa reviews the Puffy and other memory foam mattresses, so it is a wise idea to check it out before making the purchase decision.

How Should Firm My Mattress Be?
A matter of concern with most mattress buyers, the firmness of a mattress as labeled by the manufacturer is subjective and differs from one manufacturer to another. The mattress that is labeled as “firm” by one may be called “medium’ by another. More than labels, you should look out for the mattress construction and the actual degree of support and comfort it offers to you. There is no ideal mattress firmness; you should pick one that feels comfortable and offers the kind of support that aligns your spine optimally to create the least stress points. Choosing a mattress that is too hard may prove as uncomfortable as one that is too soft; medium-firm seems to be a popular choice.

Typically, you should try to buy a mattress that is of the right size and is able to distribute the body weight evenly. It should resist motion transfer, feel comfortable, allow you to sleep cool, offer good edge support and be constructed well.

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