British Summon Chinese Ambassador to Hong Kong

The Chinese ambassador in London has been called upon by the British Foreign Office for undermining stability in Hong Kong.


The move follows new rules forcing four pro-democratic parliamentarians in Hong Kong to leave, followed by 15 others in solidarity.

“China has once again broken its promise to the people of Hong Kong,” Deputy Minister Nigel Adams said in parliament. China’s international reputation and Hong Kong’s long-term prospects are at stake. He does not rule out sanctions.

China earlier in the day condemned the opposition’s decision to leave parliament en masse.

“They are making a mistake if they want to use this to encourage radical resistance and then ask foreign forces for help to plunge Hong Kong back into chaos.”

Formerly a British Crown Colony, Hong Kong has been part of China since 1997. The metropolis still has its own parliament and legal system.

This arrangement is described as “one country, two systems” and is intended to guarantee that the metropolis has a “high degree of autonomy” until at least 2047.

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