British Prime Minister Johnson Under Fire for Comments on Scotland

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire for comments about Scotland. According to British media, he told party members that transferring powers to that northern area was the “biggest mistake” of his predecessor Tony Blair and has ended in “disaster”.


Scotland has a lot of autonomy within the United Kingdom and has had its own parliament since the late 1990s. Recent polls propose that a majority of Scots now support complete independence.

Johnson is said to have remarked in a Zoom meeting with English parliamentarians from his Conservative Party that “devolution is a disaster north of the border”.

Devolution denotes to the transfer of power from the central government to a lower level of government; in this case, the Scottish authorities.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Twitter that it is “worthwhile to bookmark these statements by the Prime Minister for the next time the Tories claim they are not a threat to the powers of the Scottish Parliament. Or, more strikingly, it is worth noting. claim they want to relinquish more powers. “

Government sources say Johnson’s comments are being misinterpreted, according to the BBC. He is said to have been especially critical of the way Sturgeon’s SNP party has run Scotland.

“The prime minister has always been in favour of devolution, but Tony Blair did not foresee the rise of separatists in Scotland,” said a source. “Devolution is great, but not when separatists and nationalists use it to break up the UK.”

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