British Prime Minister Calls the First Results of the Elections Encouraging


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called the initial results of regional elections encouraging. In any case, his Conservative Party won an extra-parliamentary seat in the House of Commons on Thursday in a by-election.


That was in a constituency that has always been a Northern English stronghold of the Social Democratic Labor. He said he is going to the concerned Hartlepool constituency to celebrate.

British media predict a shocking defeat for the most significant opposition Labor party, and within the party, this would also become clear. The left and right-wing are already blaming each other for who would be responsible for the dreaded debacle.

The left-wing accuses Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer of not making a progressive sound and forfeiting traditional left-wing supporters. According to the right-wing, Starmer is grappling with the legacy of his radical left-wing predecessor Jeremy Corbyn who allegedly alienated voters from Labor before leaving the field in April last year.

The Scots elected a new parliament on Thursday. The results will start pouring in from Friday afternoon, but the seat distribution will only become clear during the weekend. The parliament in Edinburgh has 129 seats, and the results for the first 46 are expected Friday evening. Opinion polls are quite contradictory and therefore offer no solution, according to Scottish media.

Numerous local election results will also be received on Friday. In the county of Derbyshire, Labor is hoping for a comeback. In Cornwall, the heavily battered Liberal Democratic Party is hoping for a result that shows the LDP still counts. The conservatives, for example, are eagerly awaiting the Doncaster results to see how deep they can penetrate the former Labor strongholds.

Results from Parliament in Wales are also expected on Friday afternoon, and this part of the kingdom may be able to announce all results late in the evening. The English local elections will follow on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday evening, the outcome of the vote for the London City Council and who will be the mayor will follow.

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