British Minister: Do Not Participate in Climate Protest During School Hours

British education minister Nadhim Zahawi does not want young people to participate in a large climate demonstration in Glasgow during school hours on Friday, where the COP26 climate summit is being held. The minister says in conversation with Sky News that he prefers the weekend.


According to Zahawi, young people have “absolutely right” to lecture adults about the climate crisis, but emphasizes that there are two weekends in the period of the climate summit, which lasts almost two weeks in total.

The minister does not support young people if they decide to skip school to attend the protest, but if they demonstrate at the weekend. “I ask young people not to miss school.” Zahawi wants to prevent fines from being issued for absenteeism from school.

100,000 protesters are expected in Glasgow on Friday at the protest march of the Scottish branch of Fridays for Future, a youth movement inspired by Greta Thunberg’s climate strikes. The Swedish climate activist has skipped school to draw attention to the climate crisis and is expected to participate in the march on Friday.

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