British Minister: Corona Vaccine Will Not Be Compulsory

Residents of the United Kingdom can decide for themselves whether they are vaccinated against the coronavirus.


Health Minister Matt Hancock told the BBC his government has no plans to introduce a vaccination requirement.

Hancock does not think such an obligation is necessary. He expressed the expectation that the “vast majority” of his fellow countrymen will be vaccinated voluntarily. The most vulnerable people come first.

The UK government has asked the NHS health service to be “ready” to administer vaccines from early December, Hancock told Sky News. He emphasizes that people are not vaccinated until the government is sure that the vaccine is safe.

Worldwide, work is in progress on drugs against the coronavirus. Pharmaceutical Pfizer announced on Monday that according to preliminary research results, its own corona vaccine is 90 percent effective in preventing infection.

Diffusion of that vaccine is a logistical challenge for experts because it must be stored at minus 70 degrees. Subjects were administered two doses. This took several weeks.

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