British Lockdown Sceptics in Parliament Want to Lift Restrictions

A group of lockdown sceptical MPs has informed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the country’s corona restrictions should be lifted entirely by the end of April, Sky News reports.


According to the British news outlet, the covid recovery group CRG has written to Johnson that there will be “no justification” for continuing the restrictions once all over 50s have been vaccinated.

More than 60 MPs from Johnson’s own Conservative Party are believed to have supported the letter.

It states that the prime minister must adhere to a timetable for ending the lockdown, Sky said. The CRG described the reopening of the English schools on March 8 as a “national priority,” saying that pubs and restaurants should be able to open corona-safe by Easter.

“Covid is a serious disease, and we need to keep it under control. Like corona, however, lockdowns and disabilities cause massive social and health damage and have a huge impact on people’s livelihoods,” the group writes.

“The vaccine gives us immunity to Covid, but it should also give us permanent immunity to Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions.”

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