British Corona Measures Have Limited Effect on the Economy

The stricter measures announced by the British government to prevent further spread of the coronavirus have only a limited impact on the economy.


That is what experts from Bloomberg Economics (BE) say. Concerns about corona are indeed increasing, which may have a negative effect.

After growing 17 percent in the third quarter of this year, the UK economy will grow by another 1 percent in the closing quarter of 2020, market experts said.

Growth will also be limited at the beginning of 2021. All in all, the gross domestic product will be 7.5 percent below pre-crisis levels by the beginning of next year.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new measures earlier this week to stop the rapidly accelerating second wave of the coronavirus.

Part of the package of measures is the advice that people should work from home again if they can. There will also be new restrictions on cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, the use of mouth masks is being expanded.

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