British Conservatives Argue Over Hero Boris Johnson

There is growing unrest within the British Conservative Party after the departure of Brexit minister Frost. According to Sky News, it came to a head when Culture Minister Nadine Dorries defended the prime minister in a text message.


She was promptly thrown out of a Whatsapp group with about 100 party members.

Conservative MPs in the Clean Global Brexit group looked back on a tumultuous week for their party and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He has already struggled with a rebellion within the Conservatives about his corona policy, with scandals surrounding parties during the corona crisis and the loss of a Conservative stronghold in midterm elections.

Former minister Theresa Villiers calls Frost’s departure from the group “very worrying”. MP Andrew Bridgen thinks that is an understatement and describes the situation as “a disaster”. He argues that most Conservative MPs, like Frost, are concerned about government policies.

It comes to a clash when minister Dorries taps her complaining party members on the fingers. She calls Johnson “the hero” who arranged Brexit and won a major victory in the parliamentary elections. A little loyalty can’t hurt, says the minister. He is then removed from the group by Brexiteer Steve Baker. “Enough is enough,” he writes.

The arguing within the group illustrates, according to the news channel, that there is anger and frustration within the party. Dorries did receive some support after she pointed out Johnson’s political exploits. One parliamentarian mockingly noted that some colleagues seem to be let down by their memories.

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