British Companies are Calling on Politicians to Make A Deal With the EU

More than 70 UK industry advocates, who collectively employ more than 7 million workers, are making a last-ditch effort to persuade politicians to return to the Brexit negotiating table.


They want to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union without a trade deal, The Financial Times writes on Sunday.

These include representatives of farmers, the retail sector and the car industry. They hope that a compromise will still be reached and that a hard Brexit will be avoided.

“A deal can be made with compromise and tenacity. Companies are calling on leaders from both sides to find a way, ”the newspaper quoted the groups from a statement.

It is very uncertain whether the difficult Brexit negotiations will continue. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that the United Kingdom should prepare for a no-deal scenario.

His spokesman added that the problematic London negotiations are over unless the European Union takes a fundamentally different attitude to the talks.

If the EU and the United Kingdom do not reach a trade agreement before December 31, two-way trade will revert to basic World Trade Organization rules. This creates additional obstacles, which is why there is a fear of considerable economic damage.

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