British Airways Part of Airline Group IAG Fires 350 Pilots

British Airways, part of airline group IAG, fires 350 pilots and places another 300 in a “pool” to re-hire them if necessary.


The agreement would have been reached with the flight crew, The Sun reports.

Most of the pilots facing forced redundancies work at London’s Gatwick Airport, according to the British newspaper.

The captains who end up in the pool are not flying at the moment and are being paid half. The remaining flight crew receives a 15 percent salary reduction.

The airline previously announced its intention to cut up to 12,000 jobs. The company wants to save money now that it keeps a large part of the fleet aground due to the corona crisis. That came to strong criticism from the British transport commission.

He accused the airline of using the crisis as an excuse to fire employees, even though the government pays workers’ wages through a national leave program.

Earlier, British Airways warned that it would fire all its 4,300 pilots and hire them again under new conditions due to the lack of an agreement on cost savings.

Where negotiations with the pilots’ union are ongoing, other unions do not yet want to join the negotiating table. British Airways repeatedly urged the unions to do so.

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