Brexit Will Not Delay the Delivery of Corona Vaccines

The delivery of corona vaccines to the United Kingdom will not be delayed by Brexit, even if the country does not sign a trade agreement with the European Union.


That is what the British Transport Minister Grant Shapps told the BBC. According to him, the UK has signed a freight contract to ensure that essential goods can continue to be imported.

The trade talks amongst the UK and the EU have been going on for months. Negotiations took place in London this week, but the parties do not seem to have come closer together.

An informal deadline has been set this weekend, but it is expected that further negotiations will continue after the weekend. Sources already mentioned talks in Brussels after the weekend. The United Kingdom will definitely leave the internal European market on December 31st.

Earlier in the day, it was publicized that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top adviser, Dominic Cummings, is leaving by the end of the year. “He planned to make himself redundant this year through that one big thing he was working on,” said Shapps.

“That was, of course, the end of Brexit at the end of the transition period on December 31st.” Cummings was behind the successful Leave campaign for the 2016 referendum.

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