Brexit Leader Nigel Farage will not Participate in British Elections

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage will not Participate in British Elections. Nigel Farage, the foreman of the British Brexit Party, is not a candidate in the upcoming elections on December 12.


Instead, he will be campaigning throughout Great Britain against the Brexit deal that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about to conclude with the European Union.

I thought for a long time how I could best use for the Brexit. Am I going to get a seat in parliament or should I do better by supporting 600 candidates across the UK? I have decided that the latter option is the best, “said Farage in the BBC program The Andrew Marr Show.

Farage finds the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal “even worse than staying in the EU.” He calls on Johnson to drop his Brexit deal.

Johnson finds the opposite. He now maintains that the only way to leave the EU is with the deal that is now.

Johnson finds it regrettable that he did not manage to get Great Britain out of the European Union on 31 October. “It’s a matter of deep disappointment,” Johnson told Sky News.

He also criticised American President Donald Trump. He said the deal between Johnson and the EU would stand in the way of a trade agreement between Great Britain and the United States. I don’t want to be annoying, but he’s wrong. It is a great deal that gives us full and unlimited control over our customs rates.

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