Brad Pitt Threatened to Kill Harvey Weinstein

Brad Pitt Threatened to Kill Harvey Weinstein. “I’ll kill you if you ever make her feel uncomfortable.” With those words, world star Brad Pitt has made short work of the unwanted advances of fallen Hollywood typewriter Harvey Weinstein to Gwyneth Paltrow, his then-girlfriend.


The then 22-year-old Paltrow was at the start of her acting career when Weinstein approached her undesirably sexually. That Weinstein had harassed Paltrow, she had already announced before. She was one of more than a hundred actresses who denounced the film producer’s misconduct at the end of last year. In a broadcast of the American radio station Sirius XM, Paltrow talks about Pitt’s intervention.

At Paltrow, it went off with a hiss, due to her positive reaction to Weinstein. She was invited to his hotel room shortly after she got a leading role in the film Emma (1996).

Weinstein asked her for a massage, a tactic that, according to many testimonies, he often used to enforce intimacy with women. Paltrow refused, and Weinstein screamed at her and threatened to destroy her career.

Paltrow expresses her gratitude for Pitt, who, according to her, was well-known for protecting her. At the premiere of Hamlet on Broadway, Pitt Weinstein spoke. “It was as if he was throwing Weinstein against the wall with his energy, and it was fantastic, he protected me with his fame and strength when I did not have that yet.”

The affair surrounding Weinstein was the starting signal of the # MeToo affair, which exposed sexual misconduct worldwide.

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