Biden Takes Steps to Limit Aviation Emissions

Emissions from US aviation should be reduced by a fifth in ten years. To that end, the administration of President Joe Biden has announced measures to make the polluting sector more sustainable.


The US government wants the aviation industry to have “net-zero” emissions by 2050.

Aviation still accounts for 11 percent of the climate-damaging gases from all forms of transport combined. In order to reduce those emissions by 20 percent by 2030, there will be tax breaks for the use of cleaner fuels for aircraft. In addition, 4.3 billion dollars will also be spent on developing new fuels that can be used to reduce emissions.

The plan is part of a broader White House policy to combat climate change. Efforts to reform the US economy have intensified in recent times. Among other things, Washington came up with plans to stimulate climate-friendly infrastructure spending. Car companies were also urged to focus more on electric driving.

In addition to the United States, Europe is also trying to find ways to stimulate the production and use of sustainable jet fuel. Biofuel is currently two to five times more expensive than kerosene.

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