Biden Returns With A Support Package of Nearly 2 Trillion

US President Joe Biden wants to allocate $ 1,800 billion (nearly $ 1,500 billion) for citizens’ new economic support package. The money goes to education, childcare and tax cuts for families, according to the White House.


The president will present his policy plans in parliament on the eve of his hundredth day as president. The White House announced the “Plan for American Families” before that speech.

The plan must be funded, among other things, by tackling tax avoidance by wealthy Americans and large companies more firmly. The president wants to release an additional $ 80 billion for the tax authorities over the next ten years. It will also have more powers. That could yield the treasury some $ 700 billion, government officials expect.

The Democrats also piloted a $ 1,900 billion infrastructure plan through parliament last month, where Biden’s Democrats have a wafer-thin majority. That American Rescue Plan did not receive support from the Republicans, who considered it far too expensive. The president’s ambitious climate plans also fell badly with the opposition.

However, 78-year-old Biden seems determined to break with the policies of his predecessor Donald Trump. He will start on Thursday with a trip across the country and visit Georgia and Pennsylvania, among other places. The White House talks about a campaign to “put America back on track”.

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