Biden Jokes About Popularity Figures on First Talk Show Visit

US President Joe Biden joked Friday night (local time) on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show about his declining popularity numbers. When asked if he still followed the valuation figures, he said: not anymore now that they are hovering around 40 percent.


Biden’s declining popularity is partly due to the rapidly rising inflation in the United States. The president said that inflation will fall again soon in the television program. “I understand that people are afraid of the coronavirus and inflation. It is my job to tell them honestly what is going on.”

During the conversation, Biden lashed out at his predecessor Donald Trump for fomenting animosity between Democrats and Republicans. “We used to disagree, but we were friends. That still exists, but the extreme parts of the Republicans, fed by Trump, make that very difficult.” Fallon responded by saying Biden has brought the class back to the White House.

Biden also called on people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. “The only way out of the pandemic is to get vaccinated. We have all the resources to provide everyone with vaccination and a booster.”

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