Biden: Conservative MAGA Movement Most Extreme Organization in US

US President Joe Biden calls the MAGA Republican movement the most extreme political organization in recent US history. He says this in response to the threat of abolition of the right to abortion at the hands of this extremely conservative current.


According to Biden, the disappearance of abortion rights could also mean that transgender children, for example, receive separate lessons at school.

MAGA stands for Make America Great Again and is a slogan used more extensively by President Ronald Reagan. Under Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, the slogan took on an outspoken nationalist and Christian-conservative overtone. Biden warns of what he calls the Republicans’ ultra-MAGA agenda.

The Republican-dominated Supreme Court has its sights set on abortion. After that, the Republicans can try to ban so-called LGBT children from the classroom. Biden fears contraceptives by married couples could be banned again, saying: “What are the next things to be attacked?”

Earlier this week, a draft Supreme Court opinion was leaked indicating that most judges agree to reverse the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade ruling, which legalized abortion in all US states in 1973. As a result, millions of women in conservative states are at risk of losing the right to abortion.

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