Best Food Tips for Healthy and Stronger Nails

What you eat has a significant influence on your nails. The quality of your nails says a lot about your health. Do you have weak nails, nails that rupture quickly or white spots on your nails?

This may be due to a shortage of certain nutrients. Do not worry, because with these tips you give your nails a healthy boost.

Brittle and weak nails are caused by both internal and external factors. Internal factors are elements such as nutrition, vitamin and sleep deprivation.

Here you can do something!

Broken nails can occur in people who are malnourished or have a vitamin deficiency. Often people with weak nails have a shortage of biotin, also known as vitamin B8, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc.

This can be obtained from ordinary foods like eggs, fish, dairy, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Besides, you can take supplements.

Eat Enough Protein!

Proteins are a major source for the health of your nails. Virtually all building processes in your body are taking place using proteins. Both animal and vegetable proteins are fond of your nails.

With minor changes, you can quickly add more proteins to your diet. For example, eat a portion of legumes at dinner or add them to your lunch salad.

Have You Got White Spots on Your Nails?

A shortage of zinc causes this. Enough iron and zinc are essential for the construction of keratin( a protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress), which your body needs for the build up of your nails and hair. So make sure you get these two minerals sufficiently.

Iron and zinc sit in red meat and seafood. Vegetarians and vegans can get these minerals through lentils, black and brown beans. Also, tofu and (cashew) nuts contain plenty of iron and zinc.

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