Arcadis Designs American Charging Station Factory

Consulting and engineering company Arcadis is designing a new factory for charging stations for the American company Wallbox. The factory will be located in Arlington, Texas.


Wallbox produces smart charging systems for vehicles, such as charging points that can be mounted on a wall.

Production at the factory is to start in the third quarter. It is expected that about 250,000 charging systems will be produced this year. By 2025, Wallbox hopes to use the factory to produce around 500,000 charging systems each year.

The systems can be used for both electric bicycles and cars. In doing so, the company meets the growing demand for electric vehicles in the United States.

In addition to a factory, there will also be offices, laboratories and a warehouse. The complex is intended to offer jobs to about 250 people. The amount of money involved in the contract for Arcadis has not been disclosed.

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