Apple Talks With Battery Suppliers for Electric Cars

Apple talks with Chinese companies CATL and BYD about the supply of batteries for an electric car from the American technology group. Sources told Reuters news agency.


According to insiders, the talks are still early, and there is no certainty that an agreement will be reached with CATL or BYD. Apple would like the battery factories for its electric car to be built in the United States as a condition of a deal.

CATL, which supplies batteries to Tesla, among other things, is said to be reluctant to build a US factory because of political tensions between Washington and Beijing and concerns about costs.

Apple is reportedly aiming to build its electric car by 2024. It should also be self-driving. Apple’s electric car project is called ‘Titan’ and has been running since 2014 when the first design was made.

Apple would like to use its own battery technology. It is not clear whether the talks with CATL and BYD talk about battery technology from Apple.

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