Apple Now Lets Users Repair Their Own Devices

Apple is going to sell parts and tools to the general public for the first time. It allows users to perform repairs on some iPhones and Mac computers themselves. The option comes after years of pressure from consumer groups.


Technology company Apple will no longer restrict access to genuine replacement parts as severely as before. Instead, the company announces a self-service repair program. Initially, iPhone 12 and 13 owners will be able to purchase the most important replacement parts—the battery, display, and camera—directly from Apple and replace them themselves. There would also be repair manuals.

Self-service repairs will be offered early in the year in the US and will expand to other countries during the year. Apple could not announce an exact start date for Europe. The program will later also be available for Mac computers with an M1 chip.

Until now, only repairers had access to the original pieces. Initially, these are the approximately 5,000 certified service providers from Apple itself. However, in 2019, the company also launched an independent repair shop program. As a result, some 2,800 independent repairers could purchase parts, tools and manuals through the program.

Apple is responding to questions from consumers and consumer organizations with the new repair option. There was also criticism from politicians because the current system does not allow for many market forces. A year ago, the European Parliament voted in favour of a right to repair, also based on the idea of extending the life of smartphones.

The new Apple program is not just limited to spare parts, which consumers would pay as dearly as professional workshops. Apple will also give them access to special tools and manuals. In addition, there will be a new shop with more than two hundred items and tools.

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