Apple Bans Fortnite Publisher From App Store Completely

Apple bans Epic Games, the publisher of the popular game Fortnite. Previously, the technology giant had already removed Fortnite from its App Store, and now the publisher can no longer offer apps for iPhones and other Apple devices.


Apple says it has shut down Epic Games’ account.

The two companies have been battling for two weeks over the 30 percent commission that Apple collects on purchases through its app store, where users can download applications for their smartphone or tablet.

Epic Games had tried to bypass the payment system of iOS, Apple’s operating system, in Fortnite. Apple quickly removed the game from its offer. The game developer filed a complaint about abuse of power by Apple.

The court has recommended Epic to comply with the App Store’s rules while the case continues. Rules they followed for years until they created this situation.

Epic has refused, “says Apple. According to the tech company, the proceeds from the commissions serve to protect the apps and users from piracy and scams.

Epic Games, in turn, stated that it would continue to fight “on principle” for the freedom of developers and players.

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