Amsterdam Stag Packages and Activities

What a crazy weekend! My best mate, George, is getting remarried at the end of next month so we arranged to have his stag weekend this weekend past. Seen as it’s the second time around, we like to think we are older and wiser and the first part of that statement is definitely true.

We booked well in advance of the wedding date to ensure there was plenty of time for his eyebrows to grow back this time!  Last time around we had a few drinks in a local pub the night before and his wedding photos suffered for this.

Amsterdam Stag Packages

So this time we decided to book a weekend away and seeing as traveling to Amsterdam has always been a dream of his, we decided that this would be our destination. We booked through a great company called Piss up who offer stag weekend packages all over Europe. One of the packages they offer in Amsterdam is called the ‘Villy van Ranked Weekend’ and with a name like that, how could we possibly resist?

For the fee of just under 250 euros we secured ourselves a 2 night stay in a hostel in the very centre of Amsterdam which was really handy, especially when we were a bit worse for wear as the hostel was literally a two minute stumble from the red light district where we spent most of our time in bars and coffee shops.

The package also included airport transfers which were really helpful for us seeing as we had never visited the city before and we felt really well looked after being dropped off directly at the door for our accommodation. The price also includes 2 activities a bar guide and go karting.

The bar guide was really great, she was knowledgeable about the city and when we were in the first bar where we received a free beer, she sat us down and asked us what kind of places we would like to go to so she could decide a route accordingly.

We asked her if we could go to a strip bar and she agreed to join us there but explained that the entrance to the strip club was not included in the price. That was not a problem as entry was only five euros. After the strip bar, she took us to a couple of nice bars around the red light district and our final stop was a karaoke bar.

Amsterdam Stag Activities

She also told us about other activities that Piss Up hosts in Amsterdam including a hilarious stag prank known as the piss up smurf where the stag is blindfolded and a little person painted blue and dressed as smurf comes along and handcuffs herself to the stag.

Some of the other guys and I thought this would be a hilarious addition to the weekend but by the look on the bachelor’s face, as she described it, we would not have been invited to the wedding!

We woke up the next morning nursing extreme hangovers but managed to pull themselves together in time to head to Go karting! Being the nice lads we are, we let the stag win and he was presented with an extra beer as his prize.

Overall, an excellent weekend was enjoyed by all and I cannot thank Piss Up enough for their efforts in helping to organise and executing it. If you are looking for a stag weekend package, I would thoroughly recommend this company!

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