US Senators Want to Invest $ 52 Billion in the Chip Sector

Some senators want the US government to invest tens of billions of dollars to get more computer chip production to the US.


The plan is not yet formal but could be viewed by Reuters. The intention is to use the money to strengthen R&D and production in the US, supplemented by national programs in a five-year plan. 39 billion would be specifically intended for research and expanding chip production on American soil. The rest goes to the national programs.

The plans come in the context of the global chip shortage in recent months, which is likely to continue for at least this year and next year. But the trade war with China is also a factor.

The US designs most of the chips used in the world, but only 12 percent are produced in-country. According to some politicians, that should be different. Today, the focus for production is in Taiwan, where TSMC has its headquarters, among others.

The said amount fits into a larger $ 110 billion plan to boost technology research in the US. But it is also unrelated to local support measures that chip manufacturers can get for setting up their factory in a particular city or state.

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