Top 5 Destinations For Lads Holidays

When planning for Lads holidays, the three most important things you need to focus about is location, location and location. Don’t stand out of the crowd and try to book a destination where nobody would go, instead go with the flow, and follow the crowd to the conventional destinations.

Here are the top five destinations for Lads holiday, so check them out.


1.    Ibiza

Ibiza is the heaven for clubbing, if you are done watching the sunset and having fun all day by the pool and bar, then it’s time for you to dress up cool and head for the town for some dancing, grooving and boozing. Ibiza has the world’s most amazing clubs so book your tickets in advance as the house gets full soon and the party gets hot.


2.    Magaluf

Magaluf can be described as Disney Land for those who are above 18, it’s the impeccable destination for you to visit and leave all your worries and self-consciousness behind. Loosen up yourself and dance like crazy and flirt as much as you want until you are out of your best lines!

Ayia Napa

3.    Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa has got everything to offer all, whether you are the kind of person who likes to enjoy the trendy lounge bars, or you would like to be entertained by a live comedy act, or you are that crazy person who likes to go to live rock band concerts, or dance till the sunrise, Ayia Napa is place for you to be at this lads holiday.


4.    Prague

Are you looking for the beer city? Well if you are in search for a place that has to offer more than nightclubs on an island, then head for a city where you will get party and boozing all in cheap price. Prague is the “beer city” they have more than 800 pubs and also have a large selection of old-style breweries, some pubs in Prague even have their own breweries.

The most famous flavors are the coffee, banana and blueberry flavored beer which cost only 60 CZK in pound its less than two.


5.    Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an interesting place to visit for lad’s holiday as it has many famous cafes, strong beer and the red light district, which makes this place very appealing for the lads to spend their holidays.

Every year several you boys visit Amsterdam, and for some reason if you get bored then there is always an option for you to explore the civilized side of this place.

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