Brexit: Britons do not have to Miss their Ice Cream and Cookies

Brexit: Britons do not have to worry about a shortage of chocolate chip cookies dough. Unilever is in the run-up to the Brexit stocks to build up Ben & Jerry’s on both sides of the channel. The company is not the only one.

The persistent uncertainties that the Brexit brings into the Dutch-British company led to measures being taken. Unilever hopes that it will not come to a hard Brexit, but if it should turn out like that, then the British do not have to miss their ice creams anyway.

Even for Magnums, which until recently were only produced in Europe, there is now also a factory in the United Kingdom that makes the ice creams coated with chocolate.

Beer lovers in the United Kingdom can also sleep a bit more rested, Heineken stocks beer in the run-up to the Brexit. Together with logistics company Wincanton, the brewer is looking for storage facilities in anticipation of March 29, the day that Britain leaves the European Union.

Big stocks have already been created, and these will only be expanded in the coming weeks and months, reports the CEO of Wincanton Adrian Colman to Bloomberg

Bosch and the LVMH luxury concern also keep a close eye on stocks. Just like the British industry itself. This is evident from the so-called stocks of purchases index, which stands for the United Kingdom at a record high.

In the meantime, 62 percent of British companies have been hoarding or considering to do so, according to a study by the EEF, a British industry for the manufacturing industry, and insurance company AIG. It makes, ironically, a bit of extra economic activity. That is welcome now that significant investments are not needed because of all the uncertainty.

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