American iPhone 14 No Longer has a SIM Card Slot

The latest iPhone in the US no longer has a slot to insert a physical SIM card. So from now on, Apple will only work with eSIM there.


It wasn’t immediately noticeable during the presentation, but Apple has made a small change in the design of the iPhone, at least for the American market. Devices there no longer have a SIM card slot. In Europe and other regions, for now.

This means that American consumers can only use their iPhones with an eSIM. That’s not a problem for most Americans, as T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, the three largest operators, have supported eSIM for quite some time. However, the Verge notes that smaller players, often only locally and operating in certain states, are not doing that yet.

The iPhone has been supporting eSIM since 2018. Since iOS 16, it is even possible to transfer an eSIM via Bluetooth or only to other iPhones. In the iPhone 14, it is possible to have up to two active eSIMs and to store at least eight eSIMs.

There are quite a few reasons to evolve to an eSIM-only device. First, it saves space in the device that can be used for other things. At the same time, omitting the SIM card slot ensures fewer loose parts where water or dust could seep in, for example.

For consumers, eSIM is useful for quickly switching operators without waiting for a physical SIM card. Those who travel regularly and want to use a local SIM card, whether or not in combination with your own number, can do so much faster and more flexibly with eSIM.

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