After Twenty Years, Apple is Coming Back With Colored iMacs

Apple unleashed a design revolution in 1998 in the computer landscape that ugly beige PCs had previously dominated with its colourful iMac.


In 2002, Apple dropped the colours again, until last night: the latest iMacs look as if they were rolled straight out of the paint shop.

Apple delivers the latest iMac in no less than seven shades, with the front of the computer being coloured more subtly than the (popping) back. If it doesn’t have to be that fancy, Apple’s all-in-one will also remain available in the classic silver tone. Please note: the basic model ‘only’ comes in four colours: blue, green, pink and silver. Those who prefer yellow, orange or purple will automatically end up in the higher price ranges.

The design of the desktop computer was thoroughly overhauled for the first time in years. The base with the tilting mechanism is tighter, the screen edge is no longer black but white, and the front no longer features an Apple logo. But the most significant change concerns the screen, which also houses the computer’s entire hardware.

The iMac is much thinner than its predecessor at 11.5 mm. The volume of the computer even decreased by fifty percent. According to the fruit brand, this has everything to do with the new SoC (System On a Chip), thanks to Apple’s own M1 Silicon processor is considerably more compact than the motherboards from the Intel era. According to Apple, the new SoC requires much less cooling, eliminating the need for large fans.

Also notable is the choice for a single screen size of 24-inch and with a Retina resolution of 4.5K. The previous generation of iMacs was available in 21.5 and 27 inches. Between 2006 and 2009, there were also 24-inch iMacs in circulation: it remains a nice size to work with, but for those used to the enormous 5K 27-inch model, it is a step back.

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