A Third Gulf of Mexico Oil Production Still Flat Due to Hurricane Ida

Nearly a third of the oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is still flat due to the effects of Hurricane Ida. It hit the southern United States more than two weeks ago.


According to the US government, there is still a production loss of half a million barrels per day.

The hurricane shut down many oil rigs. This is due to, for example, damage to pipelines and landing sites for helicopters to transport workers to oil rigs.

Staff also had to be evacuated. Oil companies, including Shell, have worked hard to get the platforms back in service, but several important oil rigs are still flat.

In total, Ida suffered a production loss of 27.3 million barrels of oil (of 159 litres each) in the Gulf of Mexico. The US energy agency Energy Information Administration (EIA) previously said that oil production in the United States has shown a very sharp contraction because of Ida.

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