A Good Sign to have this Symptom in Your Pregnancy

Nausea is among the most unpleasant symptoms in early pregnancy. About four out of five pregnant women suffer from it. However, there is a consolation for those affected:

If women suffer from nausea and vomiting in the first month of gestation, pregnancy is more likely to be without complications.
This is evidenced by a new study by American researchers and the epidemiologist Enrique Schisterman, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. Nearly 800 women were interviewed during the study.

Contrary to previous investigations, the researchers interviewed the participants during the first weeks of gestation and continued to accompany them during the ongoing pregnancy.
In this way, the scientists were able to obtain more accurate results in the survey, since the women should only answer questions about their current condition.

Nausea in the first few weeks reduces the risk of pregnancy
In previous studies, women were often interviewed only months after the complaints had already passed. As a result, scientists often received inaccurate results.

The current study shows that in women who suffer from nausea or vomiting, the risk of an unwanted gestation termination is 50 to 75 percent lower than in symptom-free pregnant women.
This does not mean that women who do not experience nausea can not give birth to healthy children. If you are unsure, you should consult with your gynecologist.

What exactly causes the nausea is still unclear
About four out of five women suffer from nausea and vomiting in the first weeks of pregnancy – but what exactly causes the symptoms is not yet fully understood.

One possible explanation is the hormonal balance, which gets out of balance during pregnancy. This often causes an inertia of the gastrointestinal tract so that the food is digested less quickly.
“The food slime can jam up and lead to nausea,” said Munich gynecologist Ioannis Mylonas of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.
In the worst case, pregnant women have to restore their natural electrolyte balance in the hospital

Regardless of physical discomfort, however, the mental condition of women also plays an essential role in the development of the symptoms. Stress and other psychological stress can also contribute to nausea.

In general, women who suffer from nausea should take five to six smaller meals during pregnancy. Especially what they have appetite for is good.
Strong odors, on the other hand, intensify the symptoms and should therefore be avoided. In cases of particularly severe discomfort, for example, when the pregnant woman is unable to hold any liquid in the body, a walk to the hospital is inevitable.

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