5 Tips for Parents with Kids in the Final Exam Period

Final Exams are an exciting time for both students and their parents. How do you make sure you prepare and support your crop as good as possible during this phase?
Do not allow them to do any practice exams the day before the final exam because they will get into stress.

The final graduation time is a close-up of high school; in which students see what their options are and what further courses they can flow through. For many students, this is a benchmark because you close something. I see parents very much with their children. They would like to make it easier for them. ”

It is true that most students are quite tense and want to perform. “We help students one by one with subjects that make them difficult, including maths and economics. Also, we do many practice exams with them to see what they do not understand well.

Practice, Practice and Practice
“Make them as many practice exams as possible before the final examination. It helps students to do those exams. Exam questions are often different from the questions in the tests. As parents, you can stimulate this. Invite your child to sit on the kitchen table and turn on the egg yolk. ”

Alternate with YouTube
“In addition to textbooks, you also have a lot of YouTube videos from teachers. It’s a good stimulation and fun to exchange between books and watching such a movie. Students cannot just sit in the books. ”

Stay Calm
“Teach your children that if they do not know a question, they simply continue with the next question and come back to this difficult question later. You always have questions that go less well, but it’s important to keep the focus and stay calm. ”

Provide Telaxation
“During learning, it’s good to exercise, so be physically busy. Also, it is also important to do something interesting. Take your child to the cinema or enter the city.
Do not allow them to do another practice exam one day before the exam, which will put them in stress.
Finally, make sure they go to bed for a while, take some food to their exams and do not drink any energy drinks. With energy drinks they only get hyper. ”

Stay in Dialogue
“Keep in dialogue, so if your child does not do too much, then go on the conversation. Always asking if they have already done something does not work.
Ask while eating what there is, what they need and if you can help. Sometimes it pays for a reward. So if you succeed, we’re going to do something fun.

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